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LGR-Newsletter #1



Leonardo Guitar Research Newsletter Issue 1 / May 19, 2014

Welcome to the Leonardo Guitar Research Network, the network for anyone with an interest in the use of
non-tropical woods for acoustic guitar making, and thank you once again for subscribing to the Newsletter.

We have been incredibly busy these last weeks with the preparations for our first exhibition of our
non-tropical wood ‘Leonardo’ guitars that will take place during this years Cordefactum Guitar Festival in Belgium.

LGR-Events on the Cordefactum Guitar Festival, Belgium
We will have a lecture on the project during the first evening (Thursday May 29), together
with a musical presentation of the guitars (Hughes Kolp for the classical LGR guitars and Sietze Bouma for the
steel string LGR guitars). The following 3 days the guitars will be exhibited and you will have the opportunity
to play them yourselves. On the Saturday and Sunday (May 31, June 1) you also have an opportunity to be part
of an audience assessment of these guitars - come and see if you can really hear the difference
versus tropical wood guitars.
All details can be found on this page

LGR-Events on the Tampere Guitar Festival, Finland
The following weekend (June 7) we will re-run the presentation and exhibition in Tampere, Finland
(the home of IKATA, our partner school on the LGR project) as part of the Tampere Guitar Show.
All info on

LGR on Facebook
As of now we have a LGR Community page of Facebook, where members can post any (related) items or comments
on the use of non-tropical woods in guitar lutherie.


Research evaluations
  When we have completed our extensive evaluation of the guitars (which includes professional musician,
listener and audience assessments, and scientific technical testing together with Leuven University),
we will publish the findings and also take our presentation ‘on the road’.
More about that in our next newsletter.


Hope to meet you on the Cordefactum or Tampere Festival.


The LGR-Team



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