What we do

We train people to become true professionals in the art of musical instrument making and we provide opportunities for both those who either wish to top up their existing skills and those who wish to attend a particular session, workshop or lecture.

Together with our school partner "CVO Antwerpen" (Centre for Adult Education) , we offer a large variety of top level training programmes. We are the only centre in Belgium and even on mainland Europe to offer the full range of practically based courses in the making of all string instruments:

- Violin, viola, cello, double bass, viola da gamba and bow making
- Classical and flamenco guitars, lute, Arabic ud, steel-string acoustic and electric guitar, jazz guitar, solid body guitar,
   acoustic  bass guitar, electric double bass, resonator guitar, mandolin and so on…
- Harpsichord, clavichord, and spinet…

Every week, we welcome students from Flanders, Wallonia, the Netherlands, France and other countries.
We have a very diverse student community with a mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

We set up activities like complementary lectures and workshops, meetings with prominent musicians, makers and experts, study trips to museums and schools for instrument making and exhibitions and meetings with large audiences.

Furthermore, we offer the following services:

- An extensive documentation centre (books, instrument plans, professional journals)
- A shop for the purchase of tools and accessories specific to instrument making.
- A fully stocked store of mature wood.

for former students: Open Workshops Instrument Building

In 2011 the Cmb started up the  ‘open ateliers instrumentenbouw’, or the Open Workshops Instrument Building.

Its purpose is to give graduated Cmb students the opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and data and to help each other with instrument building in a common workshop.

To this end we designate specially equipped workshops on a set date twice a month at the cmb in Puurs where people can meet and work.

To participate we expect you to be an active instrument builder at home and to be prepared te help your colleagues as much as possible.  We provide a set of basic tools so you can work and demonstrate during the meetings.

These sessions are planned every other week on Thursdays (not during holidays) starting on the first week of September.  Admision fee is 130 euro.  This fee also makes you an ex-student member of the cmb.