Center for Musical Instrument Building

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As, for the moment, we cannot translate the entire content of the Dutch pages, this English page

summarises the most important info about us, the training courses and our activities.

For some detailed information, consequently, we have to refer you to the Dutch NL-pages anyway.

You can also contact us for info in english (or take the advantage of a translation programme like DeepL)

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The "Centre for Musical Instrument Building" is a non-profit organisation based in Puurs, Belgium, which aims to disseminate and promote the knowledge on all aspects related to "instrument building".

Our mission is achieved, on the one hand, by supporting and hosting the regular musical instrument building course of our CVO educational partner, and on the other hand, by organising numerous activities like workshops, lectures, meetings with musicians, symposiums, concerts on student-made instruments, by engaging in research and by collaborating with organisations and individuals with similar objectives. Students and former students who are Cmb members can also use the shop with tools & tonewood and all members have access to the documentation centre with construction drawings, books and magazines on instrument making.

The training courses are covering almost all string instruments. See chart below.


Students are coached individually.

Besides Dutch, the team of teachers can also instruct in English or French.

However, most of the info via the links below are in Dutch.

➤ Main info about the training courses (opleiding)

➤ Departments (instruments / ateliers)

➤ The teachers (leraars)

➤ Week schedule (uurrooster)

➤ The modular system (modules)

➤ Online Registration form (for the waiting list / inschrijven)

For more information you can mail or call us at 0032 (0)3 889 49 33

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